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Mobile Solutions

Keep your business and employees ahead of the curve with unlimited mobile features to access email, documents and files, and everyday applications for your business needs while you are on the go on your mobile phone, laptop, or mobile device.

Blackberry - iPhone - Android - Palm - Windows

Sync Server
Sync your mobile with your own sync server and never need to plug in and sync contacts, calendar, email, and data.
Sync Plugins
Sync with different platforms including, Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, Lotus Notes, Palm, and GroupWise.
Easy Transition
Tevolo makes it easy to move from your old phone to a new one by transferring all of your important data to the new phone.

Laptop - Android Tablet - iPad

Learn to tether your mobile device to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth, and use the internet anywhere you have a cell signal.
3G/4G Wireless
Today's growing wireless internet gives you the ability to access the internet using 3G/4G wireless anywhere in the country.
Keep your business files and documents in sync with your laptop or mobile device.
Remote Access
Access your home or business PC remotely as if you were sitting at your desk.