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Our Company

Tevolo Technology, Inc. (Tevolo) is a professional I.T. consulting firm servicing the greater Chicagoland area. We provide dependable I.T. business solutions specifically for small and mid-sized business. We also extend our services to home offices and individuals.

Tevolo was founded in 2007 by Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Todd Chebuhar. Todd has worked in the Information & Communication Technology sector for over 10 years.

Dedicated to Success

Our primary objective is to see our client's business succeed. We believe success is established with a strong business relationship through communication and assessment. Understanding how your business operates is the most important priority Tevolo has adopted. The more we understand your business I.T. tasks, the more efficient your computer operations will function, allowing for greater productivity.

Highly Referred

Tevolo will always dedicate our resources to ensure all clients are satisfied with our services. So much that our existing clients agree we are the "ideal" I.T. Solution for their business. From Day 1, we will demonstrate professional service, expert advice, a rapid-response to all inquiries, and unparalleled support for your everyday I.T. concerns.