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Team Collaboration

Tevolo can implement a definitive platform to give your business the ability to collaborate as a team.


Document Management
Using a simple document management interface, your company can share, search, and retain different versions of company files.
Team Collaboration
Create teams, bulk upload files, and communicate with a set of tools to keep up with company activity.
Create users and teams and assign permissions for what they can access/edit.
Access everything remotely through a secured web interface anywhere in the world.

Why Tevolo?

Tevolo will setup your collaboration server with instructions to create users, upload documents, and manage the workflow of your company tasks. In no time you will be acquainted with your new collaboration platform.
Tevolo will ensure a data backup runs on a nightly basis to keep your company data archived.
Ask Tevolo for assistance with your collaboration platform anytime. Support packages are available.
Your company will save money and stay organized all for a low monthly price.